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About Social Login by Google, Facebook or Twitter's new version website has started to use social login, so you can login or create an account at Hera Wigs Store using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account .

By using one of the Social Connect, you will initiate different process depending whether you already connected your user account to one of our store’s accounts or not.

For first time customers Social Login will create a brand new store account using data received from authentication provider, send registration email with store account credentials and then connect our store’s account to authentication provider’s account. If Social Login discovers that email address given by the authentication provider is already used by existing store customer, customer in question will be logged in and your account will be connected to the authentication provider. Customers who already have our store account connected to an authentication provider’s account will be automatically logged into our store.

To take advantage of Social Connect, existing customers will be able to connect your store accounts with authentication provider of your choice from your account settings page.

There is an exception for first time customers who used Twitter authentication provider to create your store account. Since Twitter doesn’t allow access to user’s email address, these customers will not automatically receive store account credentials. Instead, upon successful registration, affected customers will be instructed to change your email address and store account password, if you wish to use store account credentials to login in the future. Until this action has been taken, like in the case of Google and Facebook, you will be able to use Twitter button to access your store account.

Very Important Notice

When you login our store by Social Connect, you should check again with your account email, phone number and shipping address, which is very important for your quick getting the package.

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