This is the lace color chart of our Hera full lace wigs and lace front wigs. Hera have four kinds color lace: transparent color lacelight brown color lacebrown color lace and dark brown color lace.

You could choose the right color lace according to your skin and your likes.

The followed is the different lace details:

1. Transparent Lace:

Hera Transparent Lace For Wigs.

2. Light Brown Lace:

Hera Light Brown Lace For Wigs. 

3. Brown Lace:

Hera Brown Lace For Wigs.

4. Dark Brown Lace:

Hera Dark Brown Lace For Wigs.


Normally speaking, light brown lace could suit most ladies, our Hera's stock human hair lace front wigs and human hair full lace wigs mainly are light brown lace wigs but we also have many stock brown lace wigs and dark brown lace wigs. The light color hair wigs, such as #613 blonde full lace wigs mainly are transparent lace.

You also can leave a message with your order to let's know which color lace you prefer then we can try to meet your requirement.